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Publeaks connects whistleblowers with the media

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Publeaks connects whistleblowers with the media

Publeaks makes counter-surveillance technologies transparent and available to journalists and their sources. Publeaks allows whistleblowers and journalists to communicate privately, anonymously and safely.

A democracy and a free and independent press needs listeners, viewers, readers and citizens that can contribute to the work of journalists. Carmen Aristegui,, Mexico
Carmen Aristegui
Accountable government and business

Publeaks improves security for journalists and their sources. The platform supports investigative journalism, holding governments and businesses to account.

  • Secure communication between whistleblowers and investigative reporters.
  • A trusted media alliance leads to joint research, knowledge sharing and better investigative reporting.
  • Easy-to-use counter-surveillance technology and digital security training.

Publeaks reduces the impunity of those who threaten or attack journalists and whistleblowers.


Publeaks NL
the Netherlands
  • Launched in September 2013
  • 20+ media partners
  • National, regional and local media
  • Hundreds of publications
  • Launched in March 2015
  • Eight media partners
  • Thousands of tipoffs
  • First national media collaboration
  • Launched in August 2017
  • Eight media partners
  • Engagement with civil society
  • First national media collaboration
  • Launched in December 2017
  • Eight media partners
  • Promotion and advocacy at its heart
  • Engagement with civil society


The number of Publeaks platforms around the world is growing. New initiatives are planned for Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. The Publeaks mission is to connect witnesses with the media, no matter who they are.

“It is safe for the whistleblower to share his information with the media. S/he remains anonymous, can’t be traced unless s/he wants to, and does not need to be afraid for repercussions.” Hugo van der Parre,, the Netherlands
Publeaks develops a secure platform

In each Publeaks project, Free Press Unlimited organises local media outlets in a whistleblowing alliance.

  • The alliance and Free Press Unlimited design a website and set up a secure whistleblowing platform.
  • Media outlets in the alliance agree on editorial guidelines and work methods to process the information received on the platform.
  • Free Press Unlimited provides in-depth digital security training, ensuring that reporters fully understand the needs of information security and online privacy.
  • The alliance develops a publicity strategy and promotion campaign and the new Publeaks platform is made accessible to the public.


FRIDA Awards 2016


FOE Awards 2016



Some of the many stories that have seen the light of day thanks to the courage of whistleblowers.

Torture in state detention

Animal Politico et al - Video surfaces through Méxicoleaks, shows acts of torture commited by alleged Mexican state police.

Employees narrowly escape death

BN DeStem - Publeaks NL tip-off shows company that processes fertilizers evades environmental regulations; employees narrowly escape death from toxic fumes.

Party leader steps down

Volkskrant - Henk Krol steps down from office after Publeaks NL revelations about refusal to pay pension benefits for employees.

Prior knowlegde of El Chapo escape

Proceso - Méxicoleaks information shows Ministry of the Interior knew about imminent escape of leader of the Sinaloa cartel.

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Publeaks depends on financial support from institutional and private donors.

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